Benefits To Bankruptcy

Benefits To Bankruptcy
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Benefits To Bankruptcy

Although the idea of filing bankruptcy may make you feel defeated, it is often the best option for individuals who are overwhelmed with debt and desire to once again live a debt free life. There are many benefits to filing bankruptcy, including:

Providing you protection from lenders, creditors, banks and other collection agencies
Clearing all unsecured debt, including medical bills and credit card debt
Providing the option to pay back all uncleared debt within 5 years without interest
Preventing creditors from harassing you (even if some of your debt is not cleared during the bankruptcy)
Stopping threats of repossession and wage garnishment
Preventing foreclosure on your home
Helping to improve your credit score over time
Freeing up money to pay for more important things
Giving you the chance to start life over with a clean slate

Filing bankruptcy isn’t the end of the world, especially when you have a qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorney at your side. At The Law Office of Stewart Lim, we know the difficult situation you’re in. We are committed to assisting you throughout the complicated bankruptcy process to give you the clean financial slate you deserve.

We will counsel you on how to properly list your assets on bankruptcy paperwork so the majority – if not all of them – are exempt, and we will go the extra mile to fight for all of your debts to be cleared.

Call The Law Office of Stewart Lim today for a consultation. We are available to assist you in deciding if bankruptcy is the right option for you.


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