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Collection Defense

If you are being sued to collect on an alleged debt that you owe, you may benefit from a the experienced of a seasoned debt collection defense attorney. Often, consumers receive collection letters from companies they’ve never heard of, because the debt has been sold to a “debt buyer.” It can be difficult to know right away whether or not you actually owe the debt, however, this does not stop the collectors from sending you letters and/or calling you repeatedly.

Your Rights As A Consumer

There are many federal laws in place to protect a consumer from being sued in an attempt to collect a debt that cannot be verified. If you are being sent collection letters and/or receiving phone calls, you have the right to demand certain information about the debt, and for the debt to be verified as yours. It is the responsibility and the obligation of the debt collector to show proof of where the debt originated from, and that you were notified in a timely manner about the debt.

If the creditor fails to verify the debt, yet continues to contact you for payment, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them. However, there are certain forms and paperwork that must be completed within a certain time frame, and many people are unaware of how to formally communicate with creditors to verify a debt.

This is where the expertise of a professional debt collection defense attorney can come in handy. The Law Office of Stewart Lim has a proven success record in representing clients who are facing collections, and can assist you in getting the debts you allegedly owe verified or dismissed.

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