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At The Law Office of Stewart Lim, we understand how frightening and upsetting it can be when a creditor threatens to have your vehicle repossessed. When you are already having financial difficulties, the loss of your vehicle can put additional financial strain on you. You may not be able to get to your job, go grocery shopping or take your children to school. These negative impacts can make your financial situation even worse than it already is.

You want to avoid having your vehicle repossessed at all costs, but what do you do? What recourse do you have?

Retaining an experienced repossessions attorney can help you avoid getting your vehicle taken from you, and can help you obtain reasonable payments so you can once again get back on track. Or, filing bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Either way, the attorneys at The Law Office of Stewart Lim can assist you in doing everything possible to keep your vehicle where it belongs – with you.

If you’ve been threatened with repossession of your vehicle, it is essential that you contact an attorney right away to make sure the creditors do not repossess your vehicle before you can get the situation sorted out. Don’t wait! Failure to handle the situation in a timely manner can mean the loss of your vehicle!

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