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Foreclosure Defense

You’ve been served with a letter saying that your home loan lender has decided to foreclose on your home. What should you do? What will happen to your home? What will happen to your family?

Finding out that your home is going to go into foreclosure is a frightening and frustrating experience. However, you can fight back with the help of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.

Does The Bank Have The Legal Right To Foreclose On Your Home?

These days, mortgage loans are often bought, sold and transferred a number of times. During this process, paperwork can be lost, notes are improperly endorsed or not endorsed at all, and sometimes required paperwork isn’t even done or filed properly. These bank errors can have a big impact on your foreclosure defense.

An experienced foreclosure defense attorney may be able to prove the following:

  • The lender does not actually own the mortgage and note
  • The lender cannot produce these documents
  • The lender cannot legally file a foreclosure lawsuit
  • The lender cannot produce evidence of a proper transfer if the loan was sold

Bank errors are common, but cannot be proven by a consumer alone. If you have been notified that the bank plans to foreclose on your home, you need to contact a foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Law Office of Stewart Lim can assist you in defending against a foreclosure lawsuit and may be able to either delay the foreclosure process or stop it altogether. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to make sure you don’t lose your home!


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