Life After Bankruptcy

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Life After Bankruptcy

Most of people report that suddenly their lives become peaceful. When you have been dealing with endless creditor calls, letters and threats of lawsuits, to have it come to an end is one of the most incredible sensations of relief that you have experienced. Once again you can get on with your life, your job and your family concerns. Most people find that they can now save money, as they no longer have the long list of bills to pay and the juggling of credit cards that has been going on for some time. They slowly repair their credit and find that they are managing their situation and able to pay for what they or their family needs easily now that the crushing debt load is gone.

After the discharge order is granted by the court, you begin to rebuild your credit. We recommend obtaining a secured credit card. A secured credit card is simply a regular credit card that is guaranteed or “secured” by a saving account. Using it regularly and paying it off completely each month will begin to rebuild your credit. You can also attempt to obtain a small bank loan that you can make monthly payments on, ensuring you are always on time. This will also begin to establish a good payment record. The purchase of a home or a car and making timely payments will also build your credit back up.


Stewart H. Lim emphasizes his practices in the fields of Bankruptcy and Personal Injury.