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I knew that my bankruptcy proceeding was going to be more complicated than most, so I wanted to make sure that I found an attorney who was a fully versed expert in the law and who was also a consummate professional. By my definition, a true “professional” not only has the requisite specialized skills; they also have a passion for their work and a compassion for their clients, which allows them to listen and understand.

I had been personally referred to several other well regarded bankruptcy attorneys, none of whom had the interpersonal skills which Attorney Lim possesses. And they were all more expensive, and they all predicted a rather lengthy process.

By sheer good fortune I found Stewart, and I knew from the first phone call that I was going to be in good hands. At our first (and only meeting) he listened; he told me what I had to do; and he told me what he was going to do. And sure enough, within a very short period of time my bankruptcy was successfully completed without stress or complications.

If you are in need of an attorney who you can trust to make your life easier, call Stuart.

If you are in need of an attorney who you can trust to make your life easier, call Stuart.

I am amazed at his meticulous preparation for my case and executes a brilliant strategy. He is very personable and will always keep you up to date on your case. His personalized service is TOP NOTCH ! He is very easy to reach and treats you like family rather than a client. TOP RATED SERVICE!

You will not be disappointed!


After dealing with an unscrupulous bankruptcy attorney, I was looking for a reputable and competent bankruptcy attorney. Mr. Lim’s former clients spoke very highly of him and I soon discovered his reputation preceded him. I decided to discuss my case with him and after speaking to Mr. Lim, it was clear that Mr. Lim was highly experienced and knowledgeable in bankruptcy cases. The problem with my previous attorney was that he told me that I was qualified to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After I paid for the attorney fee and the court filing fee, my previous attorney delayed filing my case over five months, presumably to convert a chapter 7 case to a chapter 13 for an additional fee. This was not the case with Mr. Lim. Mr. Lim carefully considered my financial situation and asked for documents. He told me I was qualified to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After I retained Mr. Lim, he allowed me to make payments to pay for his fee and the court filing fee. This was extremely helpful because I could not come up with the entire fee. As he promised, Mr. Lim filed a Chapter 7 case in a month. Mr. Lim prepared me for the Meeting of Creditors and the meeting went smoothly. My bankruptcy case went by fast and smooth and I credited this to Mr. Lim. I highly recommend Mr. Lim to anyone who is looking for a great reputable bankruptcy attorney.

Hyung Kim

Never thought this would happen to me but due to certain financial circumstances, I had to file for bankruptcy. Wanting to do it the right way, I called several BK firms for consultations & Stewart was the first attorney to respond. He answered my questions in a calm, thoughtful & most importantly, caring manner. His rates were also the most reasonable & furthermore, offered a doable payment plan. The other attorneys wanted money up front. It’s like, hey, I’m kinda short on the cash flow & that’s why I had to file for BK!!!! What part of this do you guys not understand?

At our 1st meeting, Stewart explained the whole BK process, assured me that when needed, he’d meet me at the courthouse & also take care of all the paperwork. When certain unscrupulous collectors kept calling after the filing, I told Stewart & he made sure the calls stopped with 1 phone call. Peace of mind at last!

If you ever have to take this awful step to protect yourself, your family & possessions, I highly recommend Stewart for his professionalism, legal knowledge & compassionate manner.

Hunter P.

I recently had Stewart Lim & Associates represent me in some very important matters and I can say he helped change the way I feel about attorneys. Like many people I’ve had some situations in my life where I’ve had occasion to need an attorney and most of the time my dealings with them left me with a feeling of being taken for granted as a consumer and person.

Stewart Lim changed my mind soon after I met him. He is a pleasant man who is easy to talk to and he gives you a feeling that he truly cares about your particular situation. He always a returned my phone calls and emails in a acceptable time frame which is important to me. He does what he says he`s going to do and shows up on time which is also important. I can recommend Stewart as an attorney feeling I`am putting you in good hands.

Art A.

I was in danger of losing my home (a foreclosure sale date had actually been scheduled), so I researched several BK attorneys online. I was contacted by 3 different attorneys and out of all of them, I felt most comfortable and confident with Stewart. His answers to my initial questions were very detailed so I was immediately put at ease by his level of knowledge.

The only question one of the other attorneys asked me was if I was employed, when I said I was on disability, he said he couldn’t take my case and hung up! Besides being on disability, I had a few other unusual circumstances, but Stewart handled them all. He was very honest, saying he didn’t know how the court would view certain things, but he promised he would at least try. Stewart took my case even though the foreclosure sale was less than 1 week away from the day I contacted him. He stopped the foreclosure sale and got my chapter 13 plan confirmed even with all of the quirks my case had.

In addition to being impressed by Stewart himself, I was equally pleased with his associates and staff. If I called the office and Stewart wasn’t in, the operator would take my info, locate Stewart and cross connect the call. I never had to wait for a call back. Jay, the office administrator, was always kind and helpful. One of Stewart’s associates went with me to my first hearing and I felt confident in his abilities as well…overall this is just an amazing law firm with an outstanding team.

Jenn L.

I had Stewart Lim help me to navigate the murky waters of BK, something I had to do even if I didn’t want to.
The recent economic crisis depleted all may assets and after a long and careful evaluation I decided to contact his office. Since the day I met him he’s been superb, never condescending, always ready to explain anything twice but most of all he’s worked diligently and efficiently on my case.

I would recommend Stewart Lim to anyone without any objection .

I’m a grateful client.


thank you to Stewart Lim for all his help and for making my bankruptcy case go by so easy fast and smooth i highly recommend Stewart Lim if your thinking about going on bankruptcy his really understanding always just a call away to answer my questions i though that going on bankruptcy will be a really difficult process but honestly this was really easy and all thanks to Mr, Stewart Lim for all his help his a great attorney thanks to him i could start a new life and most important debt free.

marcela l.

I chose Stewart after doing an online search when I was faced with a law suit and mounting debt after some poor business choices my husband made. Not only did Stewart walk me through the process effortlessly, but he even took payments instead of the whole fee for two individuals (less when you file together as a married couple) in installments. Between moving and finding a new job, Stewart was patient with following ups and additional questions. I highly suggest him to anyone going through the same difficulties!



Stewart H. Lim emphasizes his practices in the fields of Bankruptcy and Personal Injury.